Who are we?

We, at Team Gujarat are a group of Volunteers who are busy in their own life and careers, but have decided to dedicate their time to the cause of Nation Building.

What do we do?

This is not just another volunteer based platform having its presence just online which means we live and act in a virtual world away from the realities and hardships of the real life. We work on ground.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t have an online presence. We believe that connecting to masses across the country is best possible through the online medium and hence, we have a strong online presence.

What we want to achieve?

It has been more than 69 years and India is still considered a developing nation. Compare it with countries like Japan and Germany, which got annihilated in world war 2 and you will realize that 65 years of Congress Rule has eaten up into the vitality of democracy and development of our great nation.

We believe that time has arrived for change and this can’t be achieved if we still get involved into petty issues of Caste/Creed/Religion/Language etc.

This can only be achieved through pan India political entity which has a different thought process than the Indian National Congress and which believes in taking all the sections of the society together, an entity which does not believe following in the ‘Divide and Rule’ policy of Britishers and then the Congress.

Therefore, we strive towards achieving the same by supporting the activities and Idea of the ‘Bharatiya Janta Party’ (BJP) and its visionary leader Shri Narendra Modi.