Who Should Apologize? Narendra Modi or Manmohan Singh!


There is a growing clamor being fueled in by the Indian National Congress in which they are demanding the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apologize for some seriously good Financial Reforms that are underway in the country

In a series of hard hitting tweets, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani has asked some burning questions to the Ex-Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh.

We aim to break down the tweets for proper understanding of all the Indians.

We would like to know, whether Mr Singh would apologize for the rampant corruption, policy paralysis and stagnated Development prevalent in the country under the Economist PM.

What makes him oppose GST when almost all the leading global financial bodies including the World Bank and IMF have lauded the sincere efforts being taken by the current government? Is he ruing the fact that he could not build a consensus among all the states to bring in the single largest Tax reform of Independent India and hence, he lost out on getting the credit?

For the entire duration of 10 Years, when UPA was in the power at the centre, it continuously tried to stall the development work in Gujarat and to top it all, there was an unprecedented Witch Hunt against the then Chief Minister Modi, the only CM in the history of this country, who had to sit in the SIT office for more than 10 hours for continuous grilling?

The current government, within 3 years has ensured the ease of doing business ranking of India has jumped from 142 to 100. Why was no effort taken by Mr Singh to improve on that? Or was the Manmohan Singh Government busy in allowing his Masters at 10 Janpath as well as his ministerial colleagues to loot the country whichever way they want and hence, he didn’t have time for the real work? A big case in point is absolutely no work done to help the ailing MSME Sector in the country.

What to say about other ministers when Mr Singh was himself the Coal Minister when the Mega Coal Scam happened. Now, India is self sufficient in producing all the coal that it needs on its own. Should PM Modi apologize for that?

Did the Manmohan Singh govt undertake even a single step to bring back the black money stashed abroad? Or does Congress want PM Modi to apologize for Constituting an SIT on black money as soon as it came to power, the same SIT which UPA was not forming despite continuous reminders from the Honorable Supreme Court.

Does the Congress want the PM to apologize for various International Treaties he signed with Safe Black Money Havens like Switzerland, Mauritius, Singapore etc, so that the names of black money holders in these countries will be revealed?

Congress leaders come to Gujarat and remember Sardar Patel only during the elections while they forget that it was the same Congress which took away the great man’s official Cadillac after his death and ensured that no official would attend his cremation on official spends. Has the Congress ever apologized for Nehru calling Sardar Patel as communal when he was trying his best to bring Hyderabad State back into the Indian Union. We salute the Iron Man of India for not falling to the diversionary tactics of Nehru or else, we would have been staring at another Kashmir in our South.

Dr Singh, What makes you do slavery of a dynasty which was way too ahead while awarding the Highest Civilian Award, Bharat Ratna to itself (Nehru Awarded himself, Indira awarded herself), while it took a non-dynasty Prime Minister in Shri P V Narsimha Rao to award the great man with the Highest Civilian Honor of the Country in 1991, a whopping 41 years after his death.


There were scams worth lacs of crores happening under your regime, the country was staring at an economic abyss, India was labeled under the FRAGILE 5, the self confidence of every Indian was rock bottom and you call Demonetization as an Organized Loot and Legal Plunder Dr Singh?

Come out of your slave mentality for one particular dynasty Dr Singh. This country has already picked up the Mantra that a Leader comes from within us, he is not born into a royal Family. This is Democracy, not a Monarchy.




Author of this Article is Abhishek Baranwal (Twitter: @abaranwal1802)


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