I drank poison to serve the nation: Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his first visit to his hometown Vadnagar in Gujarat on Sunday after the 2014 elections, said the “divine land of Vadnagar taught me to drink poison” while working for the country.

“Bhole Baba has taught me to drink poison. Since 2001, I have been doing it in service of the country. Vadnagar is the land of Lord Shiva like Kashi (Varanasi which is Mr. Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency),” he said, as he bowed at the entrance to the B.N. Vidhyalaya, his alma mater.

The Prime Minister also lauded Frontline magazine for covering excavations at Vadnagar.

Praises ‘Frontline’

“Vadnagar is a historical town and the ASI has found many valuable sites with historical importance. Frontline magazine has reported the significance of Vadnagar,” Mr. Modi said, referring to the article ‘The Wall of Vadnagar’ published in the September 27, 2017 issue of the magazine.

Mr. Modi went on a three-km road show in Vadnagar with thousands lining the streets to greet him. “Coming back is very special and your love has given me new energy today,” he said, waving to the crowds that chanted, “Modi, Modi.”




The Article was Originally Published on The Hindu.


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