PM Modi to take part in Narmada celebration


With assembly elections looming, the BJP government is eager get maximum mileage from the closure of the Narmada dam gates. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had played a major role in ensuring the closure of the gates, will preside over the culmination of Narmada celebrations on August 12. The closure is expected to mitigate the water crisis in most parts of North Gujarat, Saurashtra, and Kutch

This will be Modi’s sixth visit this year to his poll-bound home state. The BJP has planned a massive celebration at which it will hail Modi for giving permission to install the gates and then fast-tracking relief and rehabilitation work by directing stakeholder governments — Gujarat, MP, and Maharashtra — to complete rehabilitation commitments mandated for closing the Narmada gates in line with the Supreme Court directives.

Recently, the BJP gave all credit to Modi for expediting relief and rehabilitation work to secure the permission from the Narmada Control Authority to close Narmada gates and to raise the height of the dam.

The deputy chief minister of Gujarat, Nitin Patel, said that the state government will celebrate the Narmada festival from July 27 to August 5. Seventy-five chariots bearing the idol of Narmada will travel to villages that benefit from the river’s waters.
Patel said that Modi will perform Narmada pujan on August 12 at the Sardar Sarovar Dam and will take part in the celebration of the festival at Dabhoi. Members of the Narmada Yojana, dignitaries of various fields, religious figures, and partners of other states have been invited.
Large-scale cultural programmes will be organized from August 8-10 for the beneficiaries of the Narmada Yojana, at 12 different places. Narmada pujan, cultural programmes, chanting of hymns, rendition of folk songs, and a light and sound show have also been arranged.

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