Smriti Irani tears into Rahul Gandhi’s Tweets


In a scathing attack reacting to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s Modi equation tweets, Union Textile minister Smt Smriti Irani denounced his weak efforts and extended support to the Armed forces of India. Speaking to India TV, Smt Irani was at her scathing best cutting into the Congress VP’s tweets calling personal and detached from National sentiments.

Smt Irani alleged that the entire country knew the cause of the Kashmir problem has been Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. She even questioned Congress’s intentions when its envoy Mani Shankar Aiyer in a delegation to Pakistan had sought the neighbour’s help in overthrowing the Modi government for peace to prevail.

Questioning his loyalty to the country, Smt Irani even went to the extent of saying that Rahul Gandhi was pursuing a personal agenda and was completely out of line in personally attacking the prime Minister of the country at such testing times. She said that the country needed to stand united against such attacks and not create divisions as Rahul Gandhi was doing.

Getting further, Smt Irani also quipped that Rahul Gandhi keeps vanishing on much publicized holidays, surfaces and makes such irresponsible statements and then again vanishes for such holidays. This she termed as stop gap arrangement of Rahul Gandhi. She added that post all these holidays Rahul Gandhi’s personal agenda was to simply make publicized attack on the PM.

She finally said that such attacks are made by the Congress VP to embolden the terrorists instead of breaking them. Smt Smriti Irani also expressed hope that the security forces instead would be emboldened by this negative attack and eliminate the country’s enemies.

The tweets have garnered a lot of flak and negative publicity from all quarters of the country. People see these tactics of Congress as dividing the country especially during the time when the country should be uniting against terror.


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