Shankarbhai Chaudhary – The PARAS Patthar of Gujarat!!


Ever since the ascension of Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the state has always raised the bar for other Indian States to follow as far as Good Governance is concerned. One might be having the feeling that with his election as the Prime Minister of India, the Government of Gujarat might have again gone back to the old Congress days of Lethargy and ineptitude. However, various Cabinet Ministers of the current Gujarat Government keep on proving it wrong.

Let us take the very recent example.

There has been a rumor going around that the Zika Virus has again had an outbreak in Gujarat. However, the Government of Gujarat, under the able leadership of Health Minister Shri Shankar Bhai Chaudhary has already issued notifications and actions have already been taken with regards to all the preventive measures that the Government wants to be implementes even before the virus sets its foot on the soil of Gujarat.

Watch the Video Below by the Honorable Health Minister Mr Shankar Bhai Chaudhary about how the Government is already prepared so that there is no entry of Zika Virus in the state.



This is just another example that proves that Gujarati’s are lucky to have various ministers who are nothing short of a PARAS Patthar. Shankar Bhai Chaudhary is one such PARAS Patthar. The only difference from the mythological stone will be that PARAS in Shankar Bhai’s case means Proactive, Accountable, Responsible, Action-Oriented and Sensitive.


Author of this Article Abhishek Baranwal (You can follow him on twitter on @abaranwal1802)


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