BJP entry scuttled, Congress gives cold shoulder to Narayan Rane

The Congress leadership seems to have changed its stance towards one of its Maharashtra Congress leaders Narayan Rane. Only days after promising him the Maharashtra Congress chief’s post if he stays back in the party the party leadership has now changed its stance.

According to several Congress leaders the deal is ‘off’ as the party leadership has adopted a tougher posture against him.

Rane had been making noises about Maharashtra Congress Chief Ashok Chavan’s leadership, he had also reportedly met BJP chief Amit Shah in Gujarat (which Rane vehemently denied) which spooked the Congress leadership which then dangled the carrot of him being appointed the Maharashtra Congress Chief post in another three months if he stays back in the party.

Party leaders said that there have been ‘developments’ after the assurance. Several party leaders from the state told the Congress top brass that making Rane the Maha Congress Chief would not go down well with the other party functionaries.

Importantly they pointed out that Rane’s entry in to the BJP has been scuttled and hence the Congress should not ‘encourage’ him by offering him any post.

State level Congress leaders have told the party top brass that Rane’s attempts to get in to the BJP have been rebuffed as senior BJP Leaders are not keen on his induction.

A BJP leader while speaking to ET said that there were ‘many issues’ relating to Rane’s entry in to the party. “There are many one is his style of functioning, the other being BJP’s equations with the Shiv Sena(Rane’s former party) would go for a toss as Rane has been involved in a bitter of war of words with its President Uddhav Thackeray after he has quit the Sena,”said a BJP leader.

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