PM Modi calls on nation to fight menace of food wastage


Prime Minister Modi today expressed his concern on food wastage and called on the nation to fight against this menace, as it was a social evil.

Addressing the nation in the 30th episode of his Mann Ki Baat radio programme, the Prime Minister said, “Since I have started doing this programme, many people have expressed concerns to me on food wastage. We take more than required in our plate which we are not able to finish even.”


Expressing concern over the issue, he asked, “Have we ever thought about how much food we waste? Ever pondered if we don’t waste food, we can feed the poor?”

“Even our mothers teach us to take only that much what we can eat. We should understand that ignoring the issue of food wastage is anti social and injustice to poor,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi further asserted that cutting down on food wastage will also lead to personal savings.

“I feel that awareness on this issue should increase. I know a few young men who are working in this direction as they have developed a mobile app with which they arrange collection of leftovers. You will find such people all over India. Their work can inspire us not to waste food.



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