Illegal Slaughter Houses cannot run now – at least in Uttar Pradesh


The CM of UP has banned illegal abattoirs and a lot of people I can see are already complaining. It was – in all humility – I submit, not an easy decision. Livelihoods were at stake. A lot of people earned their daily bread through this ‘business’ – legal or illegal notwithstanding. But the Yogi thought – this must end, and end is what he brought to it. I was listening to an interview with the Yogi – which appeared on You Tube – where the Yogi was asked a pointed question: Are you a Hindu first or are you an Indian first – the question almost appearing to be shoved into his being. The yogi, in all his humility, replied the best way HE possibly and reasonably could – ‘it does not matter’ because, he said – “dono ek doosre ke poorak hai”; now the present generation may not even understand the meaning of the word – ‘poorak’ – but me coming from an old school was pleasantly delighted to hear this word – ‘poorak’  meaning ‘the substitute of each other’. He was asked another question – will you wait for the court’s decision on the Ram Mandir or will you go ahead and get it built nevertheless; – to which the Yogi replied – ‘ We will wait for the decision BUT if the decision does not come through then “Vyaapak Jan bhaavna ka samman karte hue hum ek nirnay le lenge’; I felt this was a very balanced reply a man like him could have given.

I used to live in Dubai in 2010. It was the month of Ramadan. I was hungry. I used to live alone so did not have the luxury of having home made food packed in a tiffin that I could take to work. So one fine afternoon when I felt hungry I enquired with a colleague where I could get something to eat. He unfortunately looked at me with a certain disdain – the look was engendered by the innate feeling – “Know you not it’s Ramadan when Muslims do  not eat?” – “How can you be so insensitive to even THINK about eating”; to which my response was “I am sorry I didn’t know” – but Hungry I was. That’s when I realized, I live in a predominantly Muslim country where it is forbidden to even ‘think’ about ‘eating’ during Ramdan, let alone talk about where find something to eat. That was Dubai. Then I realized – back home in my country – which according to me is predominantly Hindu – muslims have all the freedom to do whatever they choose. The same was not true for Hindus outside of India. But then the worst hit me when I realized that back here in my own country – any talk of Hindu and Hinduism gets instantly marred in the color of ‘anti secularism’; If you are proud of being a Hindu – you are damned with the ‘Communal Tag’; this must stop. This must end. In my country I should feel PROUD of being a Hindu. It’s my heritage. It’s my birth right. And best – it does not propagate killing in the name of religion or God. It does not propagate discrimination. It does discriminate on the basis of ability but that’s how life happens. One always pefers meritorious people in whatever field. We do not like people who are lazy or of evil intent. So discrimination is natural but discrimination in Hinduism is not on the grounds of factors that are beyond Human Control. That’s the point.

Hindus do not like to kill. Whether Humans or Animals. For us the God is not sitting in an Omnipotent heaven. For us the God is within us, and within each and every thing that is seen in nature – whether animate or inanimate. Theefore while the Yogi could have well banned the killing entirely of any animal whatsoever – he chose to adopt a liberal, secular and democratic procedure, by ordering to ban only those slaugther houses that were operating illegally.

My plaint to Adityanath Yogi would be that whilst you have banned these slaugther houses – do make sure that people whose livelihood has been impacted due to this decision be adequately compensated by way of decent jobs that would help them sustain their lives. I wholeheartedly welcome Adityanath Yogi’s decision of banning this thing. In our ethos – it doesn’t work. Just like a Muslim is not expected to entertain or eat Pork meat – similarly the Cow is sacred to us and we Hindus will NEVER allow any kind of torture to be meted out to our sacred Animal. This is NOT done and will NOT be entertained in our country. If you want to live in this country – you will have to follow certain norms.

I wish the CM of UP all the best to continue on the path of Righteousness and for him to simultaneously always be reminded of the beautiful poem – ‘Itni shakti hamein de na data – man ka vishwas kamzor ho na; ham chalein nek raste pe hamse bhool kar bhi koi bhool ho na’ – in other words – Oh God let not Power make me become so wild as to forget Goodness and Oh God please continue to keep us blessed so that we keep moving forward on the path of Righteousness so that even by mistake, we don’t end up committing a mistake.

Jai Hind

Author: Saurabh Dwivedy



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