National Health Policy: Transforming lives of common people through Caring hand of Narendra Modi


Today the union cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the National Health Policy which was pending since last 14 years. Union Health Minister J P Nadda made suo moto statement in the parliament today elaborating the salient features of New National Health Policy. The Policy will transform the lives of common people.




New National Health Policy Recommends:

  1. Strengthening and prioritizing the role of the Government in all dimension of Health Sector
  2. Preventive and promotive health care orientation in all development policies
  3. Expansion of preventive, curative and rehabilitative services via public health sectors focusing quality
  4. Transforming primary care for assured comprehensive care with linkages to referral hospitals
  5. Organizing Primary health care delivery and referral support for the urban poor
  6. Focusing on interventions that tackle micro-nutrient deficiency among vulnerable population
  7. Promoting progressive increase in all allocation of public resources in health sector
  8. Provision on assured medical services to all on a progressively incremental coverage basis
  9. Strengthening the regulation of and establishing a regulatory body for medical devices
  10. Strengthening post-market surveillance program for drug, blood products and medical devices

Focus areas are to:

  • Promote universal access to good quality healthcare services without anyone facing financial hardship
  • Provisioning and deliver healthcare services to tribal and socially vulnerable population groups of India
  • Promote research and validation of tribal medicines
  • Address heterogeneity in micronutrient adequacy among vulnerable population groups using a systematic approach
  • Emphasize safe occupational health practices at workplaces and institutions
  • leverage the potential of digital health for a two way systemic linkages with different tiers of healthcare delivery systems
  • Establish a Public Health Management Cadre (PHMC) in all states
  • Use public health or related disciplines as entry criteria for PHMC. Introduce electronic health record.
  • Support Pro Bono voluntary services in rural and under-served areas under the ‘giving back to society’ initiative.
  • Regulate the use of medical devices to ensure safety and quality compliance as per the standard norms.
  • Ensure public hospitals provide universal access to a wide array of free drugs and diagnosis




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