Arresting Gayatri Prajapati will be a BJP government’s first task: Amit Shah


Ruing the UP government’s failure to arrest its rape-accused minister Gayatri Prajapati, the BJP today listed sending the minister “behind bars” as one of the first tasks in the event of party forming government in the state.

Addressing an election rally here, BJP chief Amit Shah said, “As soon as the BJP forms the government in UP on March 11, we would search (Gayatri Prasad) Prajapati even from the hell and send him to jail.”

Prajapati holds transport department portfolio in CM Akhilesh Yadav’s Council of ministers, but is facing arrest following a Supreme Court order to lodge an FIR against him for his alleged role in a rape case.

Shah also alleged that the rape-accused minister campaigned for the SP for nearly six days, and even exercised his voting rights on February 27.

“But, the police was not able to do anything. On the other hand, the CM appealed to Gayatri to surrender. The job of the police is to hold the criminal by the collar and send him behind bars,” said Shah amid a thunderous applause from the crowd.

He added, “Akhilesh claims that ‘kaam bolta hai’ (actions speak). But, the reality is that UP tops in crime against women and here ‘karnama bolta hai’ (misdeeds speak).”

Shah also pointed out to the crowd that it was on the apex court’s order that the FIR was lodged against Prajapati.

In reply to various parties ridiculing the PM’s ‘acchhe din’ (good days) slogan, the BJP chief said, “Hear this loud and clear, UP’s ‘acchhe din’ would begin from 1 pm on March 11 as soon as the BJP would form its government in UP.”

He also told Akhilesh that one needs guts and spine to bring development to a state like Uttar Pradesh.


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