When Shankar Chaudhary astounded Congress MLA’s in ongoing Assembly Session


It was a long day at ongoing session in Gujarat Assembly on 2nd of March. Congress, known for its habit of stalling Session and interrupt the proceedings were in the mood of same. But this time congress wasn’t lucky enough to do so. It was Gujarat Health Minister Shankar Chaudhary who with his presence of Mind and Humanity did not let Congress lead to another interrupted session, rather excluding one Question of Narmada the whole session was dominated by Health Minister.

Speaker was leading the house on questionnaires one after another and Health Minister Shankar Chaudhary was stunning everyone in house with short and crisp answers without wasting time. During this questionnaire Congress MLA Dr. Tejashriben interrupted for her question which was rejected by Speaker but Shri Shankar Chaudhary requested to Speaker to allow her to ask the question. This was not only instance when Shankar Chaudhary requested Speaker to let Congress MLA asked question during the questionnaire but it happened multiple times. Congress MLA’s in the house were astounded by this sporting spirit of Gujarat Health Minister.  Congress MLA’s were happy with the kind of Sporting spirit shown by Shankar Chaudhary.


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