State to bear cost of moving cadaver organs


In a commendable move, the state government has said it will bear 50% cost of air transport of donated cadaver organs, thus increasing the chance of successful organ transplants. While speaking at the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKRDC), Shankar Chaudhary, minister of state for health and family welfare, mentioned the decision.

Chaudhary said that to save more lives, the government has decided to bear 50% costs of moving donated organs of brain dead persons through air, including by helicopter.

During the discussion on modernization of the IKRDC, Chaudhary mentioned that in the last two years, the IKRDC has carried out 171 cadaver transplants. In 2015, the number of transplants at the institute was 71, while in 2016 it was 100, about 40% more than the previous year.

Speaking about further modernization of the institute the minister said the government has sanctioned a 10-floor building at the former site of Manjushree Mill, and that nine floors of the building have already been constructed.

Chaudhary illustrated with some real life examples how cadaver donations affect the lives and chances of survival of terminally ill patients, while at the same time adding significance to the deaths of brain dead persons.

He mentioned the case of a minor girl of Bhavnagar who was declared brain dead after falling from a window. The girl’s family donated her heart and kidney and her organs helped to save the lives of two needy students.


Chaudhary also mentioned how Kissan Gajera, 19, had collapsed and was declared brain dead soon after winning the first round of an inter college boxing competition. Gajera’s family, too, donated his organs which helped to save lives

Speaking about liver transplants, the minister mentioned that while there had been 36 liver transplants in 2015 at IKRDC, that number rose to 53 in 2016.


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