I Will Fight And Work For Poor, Says PM Modi In Uttarakhand


Accusing the Congress government in Uttarakhand of having no vision for growth even though the state has great potential in tourism and allied sectors, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asked the people to vote out the ruling party and give BJP a chance to ensure new heights of development in the next five years.

“Have you ever thought why despite having such great potential Uttarakhand has lagged behind Chattisgarh and Jharkhand which were created together by Atal Bihari Vajpayee? In spite of the Maoist problem, Chattisgargh with a BJP government has established itself among the fastest growing states,” he told a poll rally at the GITI Maidan here.

Similarly, Jharkhand despite being a backward area has begun to attract investors under BJP rule, Modi said while asking as to why Uttarakhand has lagged behind them in terms of development.

Claiming that the Congress government in the state was devoid of the vision to drive it on the path of development, he appealed to the people to vote overwhelmingly in support of BJP this time to change their fate.

PM Modi said that he has grand plans to tap the state’s tourism potential and herbal wealth to lure visitors from all over the world to its doorsteps.

Highlights of PM Modi’s speech in Uttarkhand: 

1.02 pm: I came here to take care of Uttarkhand since it has stepped into its 16th year, says PM Modi.

12.59 pm: Within 5 years, I will take Uttarakhand to a new height of development: PM Modi

12.55 pm: Within 3 years, every household will be given LPG cylinder, says PM Modi.

12.50 pm: Some still haven’t come to senses after demonetisation,they can say things, call me names but I don’t mind I will fight & work for poor: PM Modi.

12.45 pm: Will take the country to new heights, says PM Modi.

12.43 pm: Despite roadblocks created by the opposition, my fight for the poor will continue: PM Modi.

12.42 pm: Demonetisation has created trouble for corrupt and black marketers, says PM Modi.

12.41 pm: My fight against corruption and black money will continue, says PM Modi. 

12.41 pm: Why do our politicians need a proof of our army’s valour?: PM Modi

12.40 pm: Opposition raised questions on surgical strike before Pakistan, says PM Modi.

12.38 pm: Congress was playing politics on the issue, says PM Modi.

12.37 pm: One Rank One Pension was implemented by our government, says PM Modi.

12.35 pm: We want Uttarakhand to be connected with the entire country with all-weather roads. We have allotted Rs. 12,000 crore for Char Dham: PM Modi.

12.34 pm: World is moving towards holistic healthcare. Uttarakhand has much potential to contribute to this sector: PM Narendra Modi.

12.33 pm: My government is committed for the poor, says PM Modi

12.32 pm: People of Uttarakhand will make the present state government a matter of past on 12 March, says PM Modi

12.31 pm: Tourism is one of the asset of Uttarkhand.

12.30 pm:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a rally in Uttarakhand’s Srinagar.


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