Narendra Modi speech: Key highlights of Vijay Sankalp Rally at Ghaziabad


Ahead of the first phase of elections in UP on February 11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped up BJP’s campaign with a rally in Ghaziabad. Elections in UP will be held in 7 phases.

Here are the key highlights of PM Modi’s speech in Ghaziabad:

PM asks Akhilesh Yadav to respond to UP people account of the work done in the state.


I have respect for Mulayam Singh Yadav, when Akhilesh came, we had many hopes from him, but he has destroyed all hopes

I will give all account of my work in 2019 elections

Today, women cannot go out after evening in Uttar Pradesh

Girls fear of going to schools, SP has given shelters to criminals.

Even brightest student of Uttar Pradesh has no job.

This government has deprived UP youth of their rights

I want to assure youth that BJP will keep its poll promises made in UP manifesto

BJP will work for the welfare of youth if comes to power

Corruption has destroyed our country

Someone has to fight against corruption


You tell me, if there is corruption in UP and I will try to remove corruption from Delhi, will I succeed? asks PM.

To remove corruption, we must remove the ongoing corrupt government

There were corruption in government jobs for grade C and D posts. Our government has removed the interview system to eliminate corruption.

I am MP from UP, this state has made me Prime Minister but Samajwadi Party government has refused to implement the new system of government jobs proposed by us.

Taunt me, abuse me if you want, but you must give account of work done by your government.


Small traders were deliberately trapped in some kind of cases in UP, what is their fault.

SP government has refused CAG audit for Ghaziabad Development Authority.

I promise that if BJP comes to government, we will conduct CAG audit of every development authority in Uttar Pradesh including Ghaziabad.

If you want to break free from exile of development, vote for BJP.

Akhilesh is so much frightened that he has tied up with a sinking boat (Congress).

Farmers in UP commit suicide as criminals snatch their lands and later they become political leaders.

We will make special task force for land mafias.

Builders take money from buyers but do not give possession; these kind of builders have state government’s support.


We have passed Real Estate Act to tackle tainted builders.

We have come out with Fasal Bima Yojana (Crop insurance scheme) for the welfare of farmers.

Farmers have to pay only 1.5 to 2 percent under this insurance scheme, but anti-farmer SP government has provided only 15 per cent farmers with this scheme.

We have cleared dues of 32 lakh sugarcane farmers but state government has not made the payments to these farmers.

If BJP comes to power, we will pay dues of these farmers.

Central government is ready to pay for poor, but UP’s selfish government is not willing to work for them.
I assure the traders of UP that my fight of black money is against high profile
officials/ministers and not against small traders.

No income tax official visit small traders.

I will not spare any black money hoarders.

SP government is not ready to work for farmers.

Uttar Pradesh government buys only 3 per cent wheat of total production, while BJP governed states buy more than 50 per cent.

Our government will not let farmers sell their crops at cheaper price.

We are making online mandis for farmers.


This fight is between vinas (Destruction) and vikas (Development), our government works for development while other government works for destruction.

Our government in UP will work for jobs for youth, education for children, irrgiation for farmers and healthcare for old.
In his last two speeches in Uttar Pradesh, Narendra Modi has hit rival parties hard. Taunting Akhilesh Yadav, Modi has said that UP CM is clinging to whatever support he gets and this is why he has tied up with Congress. In his February 4 rally in Meerut, Modi has defined SCAM as Samajwadi Party, Congress, Akhilesh, Mayawati while in his Aligarh rally in February 5, he has expanded Vikas as ‘Vidyut’ (electricity), ‘Kanoon’ (law) and ‘Sadak’ (roads). BJP has repeatedly said that the party is going to win at least 90 seats out of 140 seats going to polls in first two phases.

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